Kiss My Asphalt features Auto and Urban photography in Phoenix. Arizona and the around the southwest. Arizona is home to some of the rarest cars on the planet, and some of the coolest survivors you can imagine.

We have been photographers and car nuts since the 1970s.  Both muses are combined here.  We recently developed an appreciation for so-called ruin porn, along with an existing appreciation for urban constructs – architecture, streetscapes, the hive mind of the city. We’re always on the hunt for our personal grail carsrare birds and unicorns. Our finds are on the Blog: Dive in. Explore. Enjoy.

We do commissioned works, both photo shoots and sponsored posts.  Let us know if there is a story you would like help telling. (If there is some grail car you need help finding in the flesh, let us know and we’ll keep an eye out.)

Meanwhile, check out the cars.


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