It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

And we're here with our cameras to catch it as it unfolds. We've been shooting the madness since before you were born. Here you'll find our forays into the world of cars and street scenes. Sometimes it's grail cars at a parking lot show; sometimes it's a survivor car hidden behind a fence. Sometimes it's news; sometimes it's a story triggered by a chance sighting.

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Ferrari 400i Spider: Conversion is Not Just for Roofs

Ferrari 400i


Thirty years: no sightings.  2014: 3, all at the Scottsdale Hookers and Squirrels Motorsports Gathering. Red white and blue.  Yay America (f*** yeah!). Bank of America was originally Bank of Italy. The Ferrari 400i comes to America and gets turned into a Mustang. I see the wacky lights and think: if only the resurrected Capri were a good car. Or at least an interesting one.

Anyhoo, I’m not usually a fan of conversions. They’re usually raspy edged and ill-fitting. The tops usually garble the lines of the donor coupes. But then you lower that rag out of sight and fire up your 8 (or in this case 12) best friends and none of that crap matters.  Only speed and wind and sound and groupies.

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Lamborghini Jalpa: Nearly A Unicorn

lamborghini Jalpa

This is NOT your father’s Fiat X1/9

This is the Lamborghini Jalpa. Chrysler stopped production at around 400 units when they took over. You might recall the silhouette from the Silhouette. The earlier, 70s version of the midengine V8 targa is the true unicorn. They only made 54 and 23 or more are dead.

The Jalpa doesn’t move me like the Silhouette did. The newer name is less exotic. The revised car loses the crazy Lambo scoops of the Sil.  and the engine vents.



In their place, you get…
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ACID FLASHBACK THURSDAY: 1984 (ish) Chevrolet C10 Custom Deluxe

Chevrolet C-10

What to Drive when you manage a Sparkle Buggy Wash.

Where I saw one:  at the weekly Pavillions car show

Nostalgia factor: 2/10 – the equivalent of mom jeans

Baseline: 0/10, because I never owned one.  +2 because Dad owned 5 trucks.  – 1 because three were Chevys. -10 because none were F150s. +1 because one was a Dodge. -1 because it was a Crew Cab before they were cool.  -10 because it had a bed cap, instead of being a dualie.

-10 because it was the company car of the Sparkle Buggy Wash. +10 because that role was not filled by me, because i quit. +1 because it was real handy when resealing the parking lot. +0 because i was involved in the process, but managed not to get any tar on my white shoes. +0 because i worked at the car wash in the first place. +0 because I never had to clean the pits.

+10 for the Car and Driver magazine bullshit factor so as to create the result we want.

Hookers and Squirrels: And Here. We. Go.

Our friends at Scuderia Southwest have joined the 20th Century with a brand new URL and website. What the previous one lacked in elegance and modernity, it made up for in at least telling us where the cars would be and that it was OK to whip out my big 250 mm various lenses.

Photographers are always welcome.

With the fancy new pages comes expansion of the show.  And some explicit organization. That too is welcome.  For the first few years, it seemed like some word-of-mouth parking lot meet. Some of the usual suspects behind the event got strangely territorial about who could be there and what they could do. We got a bit indignant on this side, that some blowhard with a horse on his hat could tell someone else they couldn’t park in an open lot at a strip mall.

People worried about the future, especially after the local paper ran a puff piece.

Great.  Now the secret is out.

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We’re in the Wrong Line of Work. Or Something.

We love cars.  We love driving them, ogling them, shooting them, writing about other stuff but still finding a way to include them.  All of it. We love finding the cars out on the street. Failing that, we stalk the car show circuit, hunting grail cars and wacky survivors. Option three is the auction circuit:  RM, Gooding, Russo and Steele… Read more →


This svelte and impossibly blue coupe lurked on the periphery of the Las Vegas Cars and Coffee show. It deserved a more prominent placement. The joy of the hunt for us is lurkers like this.  We don’t know why it’s not in the middle of the show.  we’re just thrilled that we found it .  And happy that it is not some princess who’s too haughty and indulged to mix with the commoners.
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1970-73 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

We’d guessing 1970 because of the  400 c.i.d. engine.  Per wiki, the 1971-73 T/As had a 455. My second cousin Shirley drove one of those 455s. However, we’re skeptical of the “T/A 6.6″ on the shaker. It should say “400.” But, they came in white or blue.  We’re also a little leery of the screaming chicken.  That came on-line for 1973.  I guess the verdict is “frankenbird.”  It’s still sexy as hell.

1970-73 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

Not technically correct but gorgeous.

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