2003 Aston Martin DB7 Zagato: The Lust is Strong With This One

FULL DSCLOSURE: I am predisposed to love this car. It has everything: an Aston Martin pedigree, a V12, and a Zagato fusion of DB7 and Vanquish faces.

I don’t care that I can see some Jaguar blood in that gorgeous low-slung nose. I don’t care that the trunk is virtually pointless. I actually like the coupe better than the topless version.

Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato: Hit or Miss

We like Zagato.  As design houses go, they’re the most consistent. This is a plus, because they’re just so darn elegant you want to never let go of that style language.  Usually.

But, much like coaching searches, the results are not always hits.

Enter the Saab Sonnet.

Zagato: Let’s take my Dad’s Saab to JC Whitney and make it cool!

Zagato: We’ll call it an Alfa Romeo!  No one will know!

junior zagato 0
My eyes! The ugly is burning my eyes!

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