Russo and Steele 2010: I’ve got a love-e-ly bunch of coconuts…

diddle dee doo

There they are all standing in a row

Black ones, gray ones, one with a $5,000 crack in its dash requiring a windshield removal to repair…

True story:  I’m at the dashboard place getting a cover for my dash.  This guy with a British accent speeds up in a Jaguar Series III XJ.  He’s there to pick up a black dash cover for a Ferrari TR.  Why?  Because (the story goes) it has a crack in the dash at the base of the windshield.  The cover will make it pretty, and the new owner can give Ferrari the 5 large it will take to pull the windshield and fix it.

Or not, one supposes.

Oh, THAT?! Don Johnson saw it and knifed it during a coke binge after Miami Vice was cancelled, is what I’m told. I would repair it, but it really adds to the story of the car, don’t you think?

Caveat emptor, you rich Ferrari buying bastards at Russo and Steele.


Ferrari Testarossa
Sonny Crockett? Is that you?

512 TR – for when a real 512 is too much car for you

 Honda Civic

What is one of these doing at my gym, next to mere mortal cars?