Brenda Priddy Knows My Name

She even dropped by for a visit.

Good thing she didn’t go searching...

(All kidding aside, I have great respect for her work as a spy photographer and am really enjoying her artistic ventures on Facebook)

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Brenda Priddy Better Watch Out

2012 Ford Explorer test mule

No, it's NOT a Taurus X
The front end was grafted on from a Flex

The bright side of my long commute from Surprise was this Explorer mule out flood testing in Phoenix.

[Ed: based on the side creases, it might be a Lincoln, rather than a Ford, based on what’s been shown on AutoblogHowever, their Lincoln story said a current Lincoln front end grafter onto an Explorer. This one had a current Flex front end grafted on.  It does appear that the raised rear (i.e., 3rd row or extended?) correlates to the indented crease as shown here.  YMMV ]

Brenda Priddy better watch out

I’m guessing it’s the 2010/2011 Jeep Scrambler.  The extra length is hard to see – it is as long as a current 4 door.

Manufacturer Plate? Long Wheelbase? Black wheels? Windowless roof?

Brenda Priddy Better Watch Out

2011 Mustang engine mule, from what I can tell…

Manufacturer plates?  funky exhaust? Blacked out wheels? 2010 antenna placement on a 2005 body? Giant red stop button?  Not your average Mustang
2011 Ford Mustang engine mule
Get behind me!!!
2011 Ford Mustang engine mule
You cannot hide from me!!!