Exported From Detroit

I’m the one who knocks – Heisenberg the suspension, while playing “Curbhunter.” This is the 2013 Chrysler 200.  It was supposed to be a “Hyundai Accent or similar.”  No one in Kalamazoo wanted to rent out a convertible, so it was “what’s cheapest?”  Then, I got an upgrade, because this is Kalamazoo, and it’s all…

Pitcher Street Blues

This is Pitcher Street in Kalamazoo. Once a bustling industrial section, it is slowly giving way to taggers and decay. The closing of Checker left a rotting carcass behind. The east side of the street is a wasteland; the west slowly withers, given over to the relentless taggers, artists and imbecilic juggalos. It’s just a…

Clean, Low Miles

Just $3,995 buys you a Ford Mustang II.  Only 37,000 miles.  However, it is still a Pinto under its fancy blue clothes.  And it’s the worst car ever. Keep that in mind when whipping out that checkbook.

Parts is parts

This building is outside the fences at the former Checker plant.  We don’t know whether it is part of the plant, or some remora-like parts supplier with a prime location. Either way, enjoy the carcass.