High School Never Ends

high school driver ed

There are all sort of car shows, like the weekly one Saturday nights at the Pavillions.  There is a fledgling gathering at the Penske dealership every third Saturday.  Usually it’s lame, but sometimes there is some candy to shoot. About a year and a half ago, I discovered a monthly car show being held in Scottsdale.  It too is called Cars and Coffee, but it predates the corporate copy by a couple of decades.  It is put on by a group of “usual suspects” under the umbrella of “Scuderia Southwest.” From what I gather, over months of lurking on Ferrari Chat, SSW is a group of disenchanted former members of the Ferrari Club.  I think that is where the tagline comes from:

There is no club to join, no dues, no rules and no drama.  Just a good time and maybe a cup of coffee.

In other words, we dropped everything we hated about FCA.  Also:

No drama!  No meetings!  No egos!  Just fun with cars!


Photographers are always welcome.

If only that were true.

Vendors Well, no drama is a lie.  SSW had a meltdown because someone from a business showed up hyping their services.  Yet it let others slide.

selling intakes is evidently OK
selling intakes is evidently OK

No Club So yeah, there’s this “informal gathering” with no rules or drama.  Yet, they still dictate:

Hopefully everyone will contain their enthusiasm (and their driver’s license), and behave themselves on the roads around the event.  Expect a presence of Scottsdale’s Finest, due to some hooliganism over the last several months.

Well, pick one.  Are there rules or are there not?  Can anyone come and participate, or just the “right” ones?  I’m not sure of the limits of who the right ones are.  Probably the modded Scion fits less well than the fresh off the boat Roller.

Welcome Welcome is relative.  There are lots of cameras and lots of shooters.  That is no problem, and a refreshing correlation between the talk and the walk, for once.  But the backside of this is the hype and the recaps.  For sure, I expect them to favor one of their own, and they do.  I am not surprised when they fawn over a guy who outgeeks me in exotic car minutiae by a couple orders of magnitude and favor his work too.  Or that of the connected guy, or even the trust fund kid who thinks a personal Facebook plea for work and swag is B2B/B2C marketing genius.  Or that of the pros.

I don’t care about any of that, because taste is subjective. What I do care about is petty little BS like blocking my facebook page about cars from posting it on their page about cars. The others are allowed to; not us. They don’t even want us liking their content.  Maybe it’s favoritism.  Maybe I got snippy instead of genuflecting.
I asked.  No response – not even a “FOAD, you obnoxious talentless hack.” AYFKM? We’re sophomores again?  You guys are the ones with the weed fancy cars and so the have-nots should kiss your ass and wish for a token mention?  Is that it?  Or you guys are the football team throwing the kegger, and “goddammit, how did the nerds find out”?

Never trust a nerd around your mistress.

Please tell me it’s not political blowback. Surely we can rise above that. Unlike the petty twits in Congress.