Bentley Bentayga(roni?) and Friends

[Ed.: These are all dealer cars, as near as can be determined. We try not to pick on people’s personal pride and joy. That said, dealers and spec cars and show builds seem like fair game.]
Full disclosure – I already don’t understand why the Bentayga needs to exist in the first place, but it does. So it goes. Still, If you were going to drop 220 or 300 K on a bespoke “subtle reinterpretation of the marque’s signature design traits, from the super-formed, ultra sharp powerline to the handcrafted interior,” would you spend another 10? 100? to turn this:

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Headed to the Rodeo

What better way to celebrate Father’s Day than by strolling down Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California. As it happened, Sunday was the Rodeo Drive Concours.

OK, full disclosure – this was not a chance meeting. We took a 4 day holiday from the blast furnace that is summer in Phoenix to hang out in milder climes with the beautiful people.  And we were hoping against hope that the LaFerrari would make an appearance.

No such luck.  We did see Bugatti no. 5.  We also saw our first non-auction 288GTO. As shows go, it was a filtered, condensed version of the monthly Cars and Coffee Hookers and Squirrels “Scottsdale Motorsports Gathering.”  (Not the Penske sponsored crapfestthe real one.) Smaller than the Windgate festival of speed.  Like both, it was strafed by similarly cool machines that didn’t want to linger.

Bugatti Bijan Veyron
Bugatti Bijan Veyron

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Fancy Parking

Nice work, Mitt. Kudos for parking with the common mortals.  Were it me, there would be a crease in the ass Range Rover pockmark, since there is no trailer hitch rock rail to run interference on the concrete piling. And because this dowager is like my Lincoln and Flex fused together. [Ed.: I.e.,. it’s kinda ginormous.]
Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupé
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The Nine

The Nazgûl were they, the Ringwraiths, the Enemy’s most terrible servants; darkness went with them, and they cried with the voices of death.― The SilmarillionOf the Rings of Power and the Third Age

Rolls Royce Wraith
“Hinder me? Thou fool. No living man may hinder me!”—The Return of the King, “The Battle of the Pelennor Fields”

This is Wraith.  It is otherworldly in power and effortless comfort.  We 90% like this car. The quiet menace of that face.  The relentless fury belied by that grill,  The unseemly shrieks of speed and combustion that no one will ever hear, but will wither the souls of those it passes nonetheless.

Except for the ass.  Come on now Rolls.  Do a flat deck, er, boot with C-pillar buttresses, a la Jaguar XJ-S and we have the car of the year. Instead, they channeled the 1983 Mercury Capri and the 2002 BMW 7-series for the rear.  Avert your eyes; the view from behind is Medusan. Read More

All car makers/dealers are the same

2010 Rolls-Royce Drophead Coupé

They all toy with your psyche, with their relentless efforts to upsell.

Take this 2010 Drophead. Yes it’s a real color.  Hurrah! Yes they upticked the wheels a bit, and shined the grill surround, but that’s it? It’s monotonous.  The windshield looks cheap and plain.  I think it’s the lack of chrome accent or at least some contrast. Read More

The Empire

was well represented at yesterday’s Cars and Coffee, Scottsdale.  Arnolt Bristol:
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