1986 Dodge Ram Van

1986 Dodge Ram Van
Headed for DTW or trouble in Illinois. Woo! Notre Dame sucks! Woo!


With it’s spaceship-like good looks, and bench seats, this is the perfect van for your clan of homeschooled robot children.  Or jackbooted thugs campaign workers and “government contractors.”

– Actual Dodge ad (or maybe not)

Why talk about this shitbox?  I saw four – FOUR – of these before lunch today, and the one pictured is a clone of the one pops picked out.

What Rocked:

  • A road trip to Bloomington/Normal, Illinois to watch Bob Perryman eat a fist on TV with 8 Barrel, Phid and Bagman.  Plenty of room for screaming loons.  Privacy glass for Bagman in the back to flip off the cops.
  • Gas was $1 +/-.

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