Porsche 911: Things Are Not Equal

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Another 911. IKR? Wait a tick. What’s this? The slant nose isn’t special – we’ve seen those. What we haven’t seen? A one piece slant nose like this. No seams. Also, no bumpers. Is that all? [Ed.: Wait for it…] Let’s go around back. Holy f—

Festival of Speed: The 911s

It’s just not a car show without some edgy 911s and that was true of the Festival of Speed in Scottsdale. Someone favors these cars because they (mostly) got the premium backdrops

Porsche Carrera GT

Yes, this counts as a unicorn, even though I have seen 3 or 4 others in the flesh, as far back as 2007. The split between flashy and bleh is actually even. For a Porsche model, that is pretty great to see so many in real colors

Doesn’t Everyone?

Doesn’t Everyone drive their early Porsche 928  to Target? We’re grateful someone does. 39 years later (give or take) and I am STILL loving this car.