1977 Pontiac Grand Prix: Peak(er) GM

On our last episode of “Peat GM.” we visited the 1976 Oldsmobile Cutlass. This is basically the same car (the A-bodies). They were better than the comparable Fords or Chryslers (at least through MY 1976). This was the everything car for your favorite middle manager. Sporty – look at the wheels and chrome rings! And…

1987 Ford Mustang GT: The Best Damn Fairmont Ever

And it is. Mostly. This one DOES have the period correct 1987 Fred paint job and interior. And it’s for sale! And – hold on, what’s this? $14,500 and “NO A/C”? (Or “other power options“)? ¬†What the- “Rare, low option GT”? Nice try, Mr. Marketer, but even I know that “rare” in the car sales…

2017 Acura NSX

It’s here. it’s new. The car so nice we shot it twice – on the same day.

Ferrari 599 GTB

Just chillin’ at the Pavillions. Check out the front air dam.Scuffed like a Camry.

1972 Lincoln Continental Mark IV

So big and yet so small. Why is it here? Because Frank Cannon. Because it’s still here, man. Because it’s still here, man. Because the rust didn’t get it. Because the 1972-spec, mostly decorative bumpers weren’t crash tested in real life.Because it only rolled like a pimpmobile or a mobster car, it didn’t live the…