Allendale Revisited

What could have been. In 1988, I needed a car. My uncle had plenty of cars – a 71 or 72 Olds 98. a Chrysler Newport, and a 72 LeMans were all sitting in the back yard, waiting to be used/rescued.

Why no

It’s NOT on blocks. (It’s not a Camaro, after all.)  It’s just your father’s Cutlass, after a little dumbass crunk therapy It’s not currently rollin’. I’m still hatin’.

Get Off My Desk

Just a modest collection of stuff from last weekend – we didn’t really have a story that goes with it, or even any pithy comments.

What a difference

What a difference a decent grille and a couple headlights make: Exhibit 1, 1979 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme It’s like deja vu driver’s ed all over again!

American Exceptionalism?

Or just giant testicles? We know this car – the 1966 Oldsmobile Toronado.  (We may even know this yellow one.) Anyway, not to get political, but who else in the world would build: a “sports car” That seats 6 – bench seats and column shifter with pop up headlights 425 cid V8. 9 mpg front…