What To Drive

when you are doing an experiment for your girlfriend’s class. And the class involves test driving a car. And that car is a brand new 225 hp Mustang LX 5.0. And it’s raining. And the car salesman doesn’t need to ride along, because #whiteprivilege.


This is probably the best Fox-body Mustang made. the 1993 Cobra.

1986 Ford Mustang GT: Don’t you mess around with me

I love this car. Even more than O.G. Fred’s ’87. Why? Because it’s all business: The fake scoop is for air cleaner clearance. It gets enough air through the gaping, no-style nose hole. The fake vents are stupid.  But, they were stupid in 1979. Why spend money to fix something that ain’t broke? Spend it on…

What to drive

to BAR/BRI class in Grand Rapids. Thank goodness for cruise control past the speed trap in Walker.

Fancy Parking

Know where your corners are, in three dimensions.