Monte Carlo SS aerocoupe
If only there were a sleek and elegant way to smooth the profile without ennui…

[Ed.: When taken, this shot was about the white one.  It was going to be about my friend Jerry who drove a cobbled together junkyard special MC.  In post-production, I noticed the rear window on the one next to it. The rest is history this:]

For two years, beginning in MY 1986, Chevrolet began producing “aerocoupe” versions of the Monte Carlo SS.  These are two (well, at least one) of them.

Also new this year was the Aerocoupe model. The Aerocoupe was created by modifications to the Super Sport body, including a more deeply sloped rear window and a shorter trunk lid sporting a spoiler that lay more flat than previous Super Sports. Only 200 Aerocoupes were sold to the public, which happened to be the exact number NASCAR officials required for road model features to be incorporated into the racing cars.

Per the Wikies.  But then Lumina appeared, and all the ungainly dorkishness was decommissioned.

The real tragedy is not that some POS Chevy was rendered obsolete.  It is that NASCAR no longer even pretends to have more than the barest cosmetic connection to actual production cars.

Lounge Lizards Unite

1977 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
cocaine and hookers beats amway sales meetings every time

Maybe the 70’s weren’t a complete waste of time after.  Given the choice, I would take the Disco Stu/Larry the Lounge Lizard Monte Carlo over the middle management, I’m late for that widget convention at the airport Super 8 Malibu every single time.  “Progress” can kiss my leopard print covered/Hai Karate scented  ass.

No, it’s not because you could do hookers and blow (simultaneously) on that giant hood.  Well, not ENTIRELY because of that.