Maserati Mexico

This is the Maserati Mexico. At least I think it is. I would know more if it had a telltale badge. Yes, I went there. Or maybe it was There.

Maserati Ghibli: The Real Thing

In Car and Driver, John Phillips wonders how Maserati survived itself to last for 100 years. What we wonder is what price FIAT got for selling its soul. We’ll make this easy:

Charmed Life

This is the Maserati Bora. We saw our first one in the flesh at the Bonhams auction in January, thirty-five years after first hearing of it.This is our second. We found it lurking on the outskirts of Cars and Coffee. ┬áThe next day, it was a participant in the Copperstate 1000. It’s not a grail…

Twins Part 2

Two Maserati Ghiblis from Saturday’s Cars and Coffee.