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in Western NC, a spotting of a post war Jag (Mark VII?) in a moment of repose by the tracks.

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How Did We Go So Wrong?

Evolution is not always a positive change…

mark vii Aztek
Both the Mark VII and the Aztek were risky breaks from tradition.  Both were buffered down from the original proposals.

Motor Trend July 1982
Motor Trend July 1982

The older one says “even so, I still look classy.” The Aztek still says “Absinthe is a helluva drug.”

How Sausage Is Made

1982 Lincoln Continental Mark VI Bill Blass
It’s no 1979 model, but i still want to have its babies

This, after 30 years of basting, is one of my favorite cars of the 1980s. One of the lamest then/coolest  now features is the “carriage roof,” the fake convertible top first introduced on the 1979 Mark V. It worked on those because they were styled as 2 door hardtops.

Naturally, if people were dumb enough to spend 3 grand on a fake convertible roof on a Mark, then why not on a 4 door or a car with limo doors (Cougar, anyone?).
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