This svelte and impossibly blue coupe lurked on the periphery of the Las Vegas Cars and Coffee show. It deserved a more prominent placement. The joy of the hunt for us is lurkers like this.  We don’t know why it’s not in the middle of the show.  we’re just thrilled that we found it ….

1968 Pontiac Firebird

Another bird from Las Vegas Cars and Coffee.  This one is a bit weathered, which makes it all the better.

1970-73 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

We’d guessing 1970 because of the  400 c.i.d. engine.  Per wiki, the 1971-73 T/As had a 455. My second cousin Shirley drove one of those 455s. However, we’re skeptical of the “T/A 6.6” on the shaker. It should say “400.” But, they came in white or blue.  We’re also a little leery of the screaming chicken.  That…

#TBT Goooooood morning Deetroit!

We were invited to drop 500 words on a website tied to a major player in the auto industry, about our experience at CES 2013. My Editor: I understand you’re pretty funny as a writer, and… Legal Department (butting in): … well, comedy is something we usually squash a kind of hobby of ours. Well– Well,…