Zero is not a speed

Therefore, this Covair version of the mystery machine is not unsafe. Except from meteors.  The Marty Feldman look on the front end assures that there will me no “Chevy van” babymaking going on, so it’s that kind of safe too.

Get Off My Desk

Just a modest collection of stuff from last weekend – we didn’t really have a story that goes with it, or even any pithy comments.

Civil Servants

At some point, they all say, “Enough.” Some retire; some are retired.

Something to ponder

Why is Phoenix the home of dead Rivieras? Here’s another one. ¬†And another…


If only there were a sleek and elegant way to smooth the profile without ennui… [Ed.: When taken, this shot was about the white one.  It was going to be about my friend Jerry who drove a cobbled together junkyard special MC.  In post-production, I noticed the rear window on the one next to it….