Risky Business: The Real Story

In Risky Business, Joel Goodson turns Daddy’s 928 into an unintentional U-boat while trying to shag Lana the call girl. In movieland, all it takes to undo the swim is just a trip to your neighborhood Porsche dealer fro a shit-ton of Bounty paper towels and the use of a hair dryer.

Porsche 928

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Acid Flashback: Little Brother

Dodge Omni GLH

This is the 1986 Dodge Omni GLH Turbo.  GLH stood for goes like hell, and by 1980s standards, it did. We have a soft spot for these awful Rabbit imitators. Yes, they were giant pieces of shit, designed and built by the same people who brought you the Aspen.  Yes, side by side, it was Blatz beer to the VW’s Beck’s. Still… Read More

Fancy Parking

This is one of my favorite cars, the Lincoln Continental Mark VI.
Lincoln Continental Mark VI
Yes, I was a Ford fan boy, predisposed to trying to love everything they made. But there was more than that here.

  • I loved the whizbang technology of the “electronic” dash.
  • At the time, I thought the proportions were better than the “look how long my dick hood is” proportions of the Mark V.
  • 20 mpg on the highway?  In a Lincoln? AYFKM?
  • Yes, the styling was derivative.  The deuce was still running the show, so of course it was.

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Another time, Highlander

The biggest problem with shooting ruins is that the best dumps are almost always in the shittiest neighborhoods.  So, we deal with rusty fences and open hostility.  OK.  Workable. During the workday, we also must contend with people living in carts and jaded business owners/workers, who look at every slowly passing car with the same suspicion and contempt, […]

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Those who forget history…

1980-83 Honda Civic
“Beware of dog”: I suspect they’re not referring to the car.

are doomed to repeat it.
Exhibit 1: the 1980-83 Honda Civic.
Yawn. This car had exactly one claim to fame…
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