Why yes, they’re real

fairings and saddlebags?

For all the black label society/sober rider/yuppie fuckstains in designer leather poseurs we have, the real thing-HAMC, such as it is- still rides in AZ.  You’ve been warned.

Bikers do live in AZ

Like SAMCRO with real firepower
Like SAMCRO with real firepower ((c) HAMC via NewTimes)

Evidently, they are now considered a “street gang” (as opposed to a social club).  This designation allows the incompetent county attorney to add charges to ordinary crimes because of who is a friend of whom.  I have no problem with prosecuting crime.  I do have a problem with guilt by association-type crimes, like those now on the table.  Your membership is not a crime; your conspiracy (regardless of membership) is a different matter.  But, bikers are bad, and “criminal street gang” makes for a splashy headline.  Welcome to Arizona.

[Ed. note:  I saw one of our AZ club members outside my office yesterday morning – commuting, not stalking.  Naturally, the one time I do not have my camera on me…]