Opel GT: There is More Power…

Gulf Oil Sign

in that Good Gulf Gasoline.” – Gulf Refining Co.

This is the Opel GT. If memory serves, it was pitched as sort of a Corvette Jr. It’s good to have performance goals that exceed your reach. On the other hand, the looks are spot on. Flippy lights and round tails, just like a ‘Vette. Swoopy fenders and that little lip of a rear spoiler. The canvas top ios exceedingly cool. Never seen one so equipped before.

They’re exceedingly rare, even in AZ. I have seen two in 20 years. Probably rust and late 1960s/early ’70s GM Opel “engineering” have something to do with that scarcity.  Plus low sales (about 17K/year 1968-73). I am conflicted about the Gulf livery. It’s not original, but it is period appropriate. It looks great on this car, but unless there is some crazy powerful transplanted engine under there, sitting on a now-sorted out suspension, it is an incongruous look – an unsupported boast.

But, when you’re a forty-five-year-old survivor car, you can wear pretty much whatever you g*****m well please.

Feature photo CC licensed by Lynn Friedman via Flickr.

Opel GT Gulf oil livery
More of a 40 than a GT40