“We’re from the Factory Team”

“Well,” he said, “as your attorney I advise you to buy a motorcycle. How else can you cover a thing like this righteously?”
“No way,” I said. “Where can we get hold of a Vincent Black Shadow?”
“Whats that?” “A fantastic bike,” I said. “The new model is something like two thousand cubic inches, developing two hundred brake-horsepower at four thousand revolutions per minute on a magnesium frame with two styrofoam seats and a total curb weight of exactly two hundred pounds.”
“That sounds about right for this gig,” he said. “It is,” I assured him. “The fucker’s not much for turning, but it’s pure hell on the straightaway. It’ll outrun the F-111 until takeoff.”
“Takeoff?” he said. “Can we handle that much torque?”
“Absolutely,” I said. “I’ll call New York for some cash.”

Vincent Black Shadow

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Chevrolet Camaro Z-28

1981 Chevrolet Camaro Z-28A random sighting at the Gilmore car museum.
This is the last run of the second generation Camaro.  It’s not a great car, with at best, 175 bhp from 5.7 L and a 3 speed auto.  It may have a 305 and a 4 speed, just to invoke the “more fun to drive a slow car fast than a fast car slow” adage.  Either way, it’s a far cry from the sub 5 second 0-60 monsters of today.  I remember Car and Driver testing one that was so beat down by bean counters and EPA regs that it couldn’t run long at 85 mph without overheating.  This is that car – the fastest, baddest ass in the parking lot.  Let’s just not race, shall we?

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