1977 Ford Thunderbird: Dad’s Coworker

This is the 1977 Ford Thunderbird. Larry at Upjohn had one, yellow with brown velour seats. “Cramped back seat.” That was the official reason we couldn’t have one in a 4 teenager household. At the time, I thought these were cool. I liked the 1978s better because they had Thunderbird logos on the headlight covers. Ideally,…

It’s the New Taurus MT-5!

There will be a more in depth post to come, but for now, welcome to the fleet, Mr. 2016 Ford Focus SE. Yes, I am a sucker for a deep red clearcoat Ford.  Yes, I still love my ’88 Festiva and ;06 Mustang. Yes, I also support orphan cars – this 1.0L EcoBoost Focus (2016 only)….

What To Drive

when you are doing an experiment for your girlfriend’s class. And the class involves test driving a car. And that car is a brand new 225 hp Mustang LX 5.0. And it’s raining. And the car salesman doesn’t need to ride along, because #whiteprivilege.


This is probably the best Fox-body Mustang made. the 1993 Cobra.