1987 Ford Mustang GT: What to test drive

When your friend Fred has a friend Fred who sells cars in Paw Paw or some other little wide spot in the road near the highway. It’s not like anything will get weird on a test drive.
Maturity can be fleeting, but fortunately it self-triggered when coming into some curves a bit too hot, and also when car salesman Fred suggests you turn over the keys to actual potential buyer Fred.
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1987 Ford Mustang GT: The Best Damn Fairmont Ever

And it is. Mostly. This one DOES have the period correct 1987 Fred paint job and interior. And it’s for sale!

And – hold on, what’s this? $14,500 and “NO A/C”? (Or “other power options“)?  What the- “Rare, low option GT”? Nice try, Mr. Marketer, but even I know that “rare” in the car sales world usually  means UNPOPULAR.

Don’t misunderstand – I love this car-  I drove one just like it (apart from it HAVING A/C and All the power options) for like 5 minutes one day in 1989. But no A/C in AZ on an 80 degree November day means “good luck with that sale. You’ll need it.”

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1986 Ford Mustang SVO

I love this car. It was the coolest thing – they turned my mom’s POS 2.3 into a turbocharged, intercooled, 200 hp real engine instead of an 88 hp tractor motor with a noisy valvetrain. I loved that they approached Mustang GT power without 5.0L of boat anchor weight in front. It simply had to handle better. I was hopeful that the dual plane rear spoiler, lifted (in concept) from the UK Sierra, portended a transition to some European dynamics and performance (basically, what they did with the Boss 302 Laguna Seca). Read More

2016 Ford Focus RS: Suddenly, They’re Everywhere

Not that it’s a bad thing.  There were two at the Pavillions. The one driving by had a blatty, poppy exhaust that said “Ima slap your hands and take your lunch money before your turbo even gets to spool.” Sounds wicked. It also sounded like it was so overclocked that if your octane comes in at 90.9 and not 91, it would grenade itself.

2016 Ford Focus RS
130% more engine and 184% more power behind that face.

I hate love the blue. It’s garish and unmistakable, so you won’t sneak up on anyone. OTOH, youy just spent 45K on the best Focus ever. Flaunt it. Read More