Eat The Rich

Bentley Flying Spur
I spy with my little eye:

  • Bentley Flying Spur
  • Lexis GS
  • Cadillac DTS
  • Cadillac Escalade

 All for 20 lb. cans of tuna and cheap shitty jeans. Woo hoo!


John McCain: penny pincher

I hate brown people but I’ll buy their gas

What’s wrong with this picture?  Mostly nothing, except the old man is a dumbass:

  1. cheap gas in a Bentley Continental Flying Spur.  Karma will visit you down the road
  2. cell phone at the pump?  Maybe karma will get here a little early…

Your 15 Minutes Are So Over, Mr. Bentley

How many “rare” cars do you have to see before they are common?
Bentley Continental Flying Spur
This is my third Bentley Continental Flying Spur . I have seen more of these in Phoenix in 2 weeks than Yugos or any other crap car in the last 8 years.

I will say it’s the best Jetta ever…
OTOH. these are actual rare cars. I did see one in Ahwatukee while on a wine safari Wednesday. Still looks like a $375,000 Kia. I think Randal from the Apprentice was in town for some tacos or something.