Ferrari 250 GT Lusso

I have literally loved this car for as long as I can remember. I didn’t quite understand the meaning of “Ferrari Berlinetta” (the name on the bottom of my Matchbox car). And, it didn’t look the Ferraris my dad pointed out (in traffic? on TV? It’s been a while.)  I imagine those would have been Ferris Bueller…

Ferrari 599 GTB

Just chillin’ at the Pavillions. Check out the front air dam.Scuffed like a Camry.

Grail on the Street: 1975 (Ferrari) Dino 308 GT4

As down as I sometimes am on SOME Bertone designs and low volume Italian cars, this one hits the right notes. Put it this way. I see a bit of Lancia Stratos in it, and vice versa. I see a little bit of it in the Urraco, but not really in the other direction. (TBH,…

Best Hydrofoil Ever?

Yes, they do have exotic cars at the Scottsdale MotorSports Gathering. Blacker-than-black, imposing , Darth Vader Unicorn exotics. This LaFerrari is the only carbon fiber wet bike to show up. Or, based on the price and rarity, maybe Disco Volante is a better metaphor.

2016 Ferrari 488

Scottsdale Motorsports Gathering, August 2016. Definitely more striking in yellow than in grey.

“Sometimes the old ways are the best”

It’s hard to believe a Ferrari 360 CS would count among the “old ways.” Time marches on, yet there is a quiet elegance to the old girl, compared to the homicidal leer of a Speciale, or the intransigent incongruity of a 488.