I’m Reminded of the Guy

who sold my folks their house, then DUIed his vette into a tree around the corner. During my basement party. While i was trying to grope a fellow quiz-bowler. One flamboyant cockblock. Also a reminder of Art, the chicken magnate.

It’s no 1983 Corvette

Since those (1983s on the street) don’t really exist.  We have a bit of a soft spot for these 1984s.  Yes, the styling takes all the sexiness out of the C3 by replacing massive, gratuitous curves with asexual straight lines.  Yes, this means that they just shoehorned a few derivative cues on a new platform,…

OK, Car and Driver

I found the car. Now where’s the girl? Yes, I know it’s a 1979 in the magazine and an ’82 in the flesh.  I was looking harder for the girl than the car.  So to speak.

This is how it’s done

Dear Cars and Coffee people,It’s not a bad thing to pop your lights.XXOOUs and Carparazzi everywhere