Dodge Coronet: Phoenix, 1958

1958 Dodge Coronet

We’re living the dream, June.  A new Dodge Coronet, a sleek, modern quonset hut in back of the haberdashery and just a short day’s ride to view the nuke tests up there in Nevada.  That’ll scare them communists.

Oh, wait.  This is from 2013.

Barrett Jackson 2007: 1969 DODGE CORONET 500

1969 Dodge Coronet 500
This is the Aunt Jean-mobile, before my cousins killed it to death.

Hers was a 318, with a vinyl roof and 10,000 original miles in 1980. then my cousins got a hold of it and raped it to death in Champaign or DeKalb or some other godforsaken Illinois corn-town.