1976 Lincoln Continental Town Coupé: The Fleet is In

1976 Lincoln ContinentalThis is class circa the disco years. Not Tony Manero class – more like Rocky’s mobster boss or Ted Baxter. Twenty-two feet of deliciously tacky yellow and tan. I loved and hated these cars – so cushy and quiet and floaty, but so ponderous and grotesquely overwrought. Bench seats and column shifters make up for a lot when it’s date night, I can tell you that.
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1972 Lincoln Continental Mark IV

So big and yet so small. Why is it here? Because Frank Cannon. Because it’s still here, man. Because it’s still here, man. Because the rust didn’t get it. Because the 1972-spec, mostly decorative bumpers weren’t crash tested in real life.Because it only rolled like a pimpmobile or a mobster car, it didn’t live the […]

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it’s not that hard to say goodbye.

Adios, INContinental.  I will miss your giant V8, your really shitty gas mileage and the faux mobster presence.  And the flippy lights.

But not the profuse leakage.  You’re worse than one of the dogs that lives in my house.

Enjoy auto Valhalla.  Say hi to the Merc and the Fury.

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