Civic Pride

The Honda Civic turned 40 this year. AYFKM? 40?  Porsche 911, Ford Mustang (Ed.: close enough – we’ll connect it in a minute) and/or Lamborghini minus 10? This is amazing for one model. Entire car companies/makes have come and gone (Saturn, Geo, Merkur, DeLorean, Vector (Ed.: close enough – we’ll connect it in a minute)) while […]

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Those who forget history…

1980-83 Honda Civic
“Beware of dog”: I suspect they’re not referring to the car.

are doomed to repeat it.
Exhibit 1: the 1980-83 Honda Civic.
Yawn. This car had exactly one claim to fame…
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1985 Honda Civic wagon
Ideal for playing spaceship, night or day

Where I saw one: down on the street, instead of  On the intertubes

Nostalgia factor: 3/10 – Ahh, memories – mostly not mine.

Baseline: 0, since I never personally owned one. +1 because mom had one, +1 because that one was a crazy moonwagon instead of an ordinary hatchback, -1 because it didn’t have a radio – stupid Honda made you choose from dealer installed extra cost radios and mom simply wouldn’t fork over an extra dime, +1 because I stole borrowed it to visit Madonna while mom was away, +1 because it led to a Wixom sexathon, +1 because for 20 years, including my entire marriage, banging her was the best sex ever. Read More

Lunacy on Stone Street

Once upon a time, there were Honda Civics… there was a time when Honda was on fire, and could do (almost) no wrong. The gen 1 Civic was like a little cherry bomb lobbed into a Weight-Watcher’s convention… And this gen2 Civic was huge step forward; now instead of wearing a Civic like a badge […]

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