ACID FLASHBACK THURSDAY: 1984 (ish) Chevrolet C10 Custom Deluxe

Chevrolet C-10
What to Drive when you manage a Sparkle Buggy Wash.

Where I saw one:  at the weekly Pavillions car show

Nostalgia factor: 2/10 – the equivalent of mom jeans

Baseline: 0/10, because I never owned one.  +2 because Dad owned 5 pickups.  – 1 because three were Chevys. -10 because none were F150s. +1 because one was a Dodge. -1 because it was a Crew Cab before they were cool.  -10 because it had a bed cap, instead of being a dualie.

-10 because it was the company car of the Sparkle Buggy Wash. +10 because that role was not filled by me, because i quit. +1 because it was real handy when resealing the parking lot. +0 because i was involved in the process, but managed not to get any tar on my white shoes. +0 because i worked at the car wash in the first place. +0 because I never had to clean the pits.

+10 for the Car and Driver magazine bullshit factor so as to create the result we want.

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Suburban: What to Drive


  • you’re the one cute Phi Mu.
  • It was drive this or the Malibu
  • Oh, hey. That dork from the BK Lounge last night…
  • …is still at your place this morning.
  • What exactly happened between then and now???  Who knows? Thanks a lot, Stroh’s!
  • You need to drop his ass off but still get to class on time. And not be seen by your Sigma Chi BF.

Enter the Suburban.  Plenty of room.  Plenty of width for those uncomfortable rides/drop offs by the Shaw Theater. Plus, it says “friend zone” if you’re caught.  Plenty of mass for the implicit “I will run your ass down in a heartbeat if you speak of this night to anyone at the Lounge.”


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1983 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28

Car and Driver said of the 1982 Camaro: “928 aspirations; 924 execution.” That sounds about right, except that a 924 would be preferable. Ooooh that (924) shifter! This is a 1983.  We know, because of the “H.O.” badge.  This meant an extra 25-45 hp. to 190 from the small block 305 cid V8.  By way […]

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