Mine are bigger

¿Quién tiene testículos más pequeños? ¿Quién es más probable de conseguir felación de una prostituta atractiva?

Big Balls?


  • ridin’ on 25″s (but no spare)
  • lifted (but street tires)
  • roll bar/off road lights (and rock attracting step bars)
  • look at ME!!! yellow paint

We’re obviously not living the off-road promise of a 4wd truck. We’re are in full on faux bad-ass mode. What are we compensating for, eh?

P.S. Sweet ‘vette convertible. That car gives me what driving the H2 is supposed to mean you carry around.

John Law

Hard to tell, huh? The flashing lights are the only give away (other than the plate, but you see that too late).

Fucking speed cops.

Barrett Jackson 2007: 1975 Chevrolet Vega Cosworth

1975 Chevrolet Vega Cosworth Runs good - for a paperweight
See the USA – from a tow truck!

Chevrolet Vega:  Simply the biggest piece of shit ever.

What THE hell were we thinking in the 70s? 150 hp out of 2.0 liters is worthy of veneration 30 years later?   Seriously?

My 1988 Festiva had better specific output (not strictly true), plus you could fuck in it without needing a chiropractor (or so I have been told by people who either have fucked in a car or used one of those quacks afterwards)