1982 Aston Martin V8 Vantage Oscar India: London Gentleman

The bumpers are horrible, but not as bad as the tumors you would find on an 80s Countach. The air damn seems to be just that – you can see the front tires through the slats. The blocked off grille? I think I’d rather have the misaligned mesh. Still, the only thing I don’t like…

Aston Martin V8: Bangers and Mash

Imagine you were creating a GT from scratch, out of one solid billet of aluminum.  That’s this car, the Aston Martin V8. You won’t find crumple zones or insurance dictated modules to swap out.  Look at this thing They only cut it for doors and hood bonnet and trunk boot and gas petrol tank fillers. Inside…

5 in 1 shot

We did the Scottsdale auction tour yesterday: Russo and Steele for a press breakfast and a walkthrough. Barrett-Jackson for lunch breakfast leftovers and some auction action. Gooding, for OMG GRAIL CARZZZ part 1. RM on a lark.  Credential sign up on site and OMG GRAIL CARZZZ part 2. Bonhams, because it was on the way back to…


Aston Martin DB7 Vantage.  Haven’t seen this one before.

Mr. Bond?

Another day, another Aston. Except this is the Pavillions weekly show. While it does draw a couple regular Ferraris (308GTS/5500 the occasional 348/355 or Lambo, and a few Porsches, it is not really a magnet for the exotics or even the rare lesser birds in their flocks. In other words, look it’s the “affordable” Aston!