This may be

1959 Oldsmobile 98

…your father’s Olsdmobile, if your father is Ken Schoeb.
1959 Oldsmobile 98
Ken is a guy one of our shooters met at the [crappy radio station] car show in Glendale today. This is Ken’s car.  It was the only one like it at the show.  Match that with ’55-57 Chevys or Tbirds. Ken is an army vet, if I heard correctly.  He seemed to be as well preserved as his 1959 Oldsmobile 98.
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Easier than running over paint cans

For a while, the Marquis rocked this look

Olds 98 paint
Nice wheel, nerd

It’s like wearing a new pair of white Avias. You see it a mile away  (Haters are gonna call this look white socks on too short pants).  I got it from running into a can of white paint at the gas station.

Sadly, the Marquis rocked the rest of this look too:  dents, random missing trim, 4 different kinds of tires, et cetera.

Olds 98
missing trim, dents, shit paint, 4 different tires – must be a 7-Eleven clerk.

Sparkle Buggy Wash Classics, Take 2

1983 Oldsmobile 98 Regency

God, I loved these cars.  Everything that was so right, and so wrong about American cars and GM, all bottled up into one effete and ponderous whale for everyman.

  • The Seville (v. 1.0 and 3.0) “notchback” roofline
  • The half Cutlass Supreme/ half tailfin taillights
  • Bumpers that announce that your penis is made of steel.
  • The plump assed French hooker rear end of the car, from delicate wire wheel covers (sometimes actual wire wheels) and the real men wear fender skirts to the subtle wedginess.

Inside was velour or leather(like) loose pillow bench seating for 4 (the other 2 were not very welcome), AM/FM stereo with 4 speakers, power windows and locks, cruise control and a clock.  Woo, the lap of luxury.  Just don’t try to turn, or pass, or parallel park, but man, do you look like a yuppie and a pimp all at once.

Give me one in the dark blue over dark blue, please.