Maybach 57

maybach 57

R.I.P., Maybach – best Hyundai Sonatas ever.
2005 Maybach 57
Yes, it has a glorious V12, like no Hyundai ever.  But still, look at this train wreck.  It’s like Hyundai created their own luxury division with the same model as Lexus and Infiniti – shamelessly copy a real brand.  Except Hyundai followed the Kia model and created a caricature of an S-class instead of an homage.

2005 Maybach 57
Yes, it looks comfortable.
2005 Maybach 57
Furry pillows=win.
2005 Maybach 57
You could fit a Mont Blanc in that gap.
2005 Maybach 57
The trunklid is an overlay? WTF?
2005 Maybach 57
A fabulous price, if reduced by an order of magnitude.


Owned (nearly) by cheap tires…

The Culprit:

It’s no gatorback

POS Tire Details

I have 4 of these BF Goodrich tires on the Corolla.  For a year or so, they were great, at least compared to the OEM tires.  Right now though, I can’t leave a stoplight without spinning them.  (This is not an engine issue – no Minister of Cool V-8, no turbo – less displacement than a bottle of mountain dew).  There is 90% tread left, but no traction left.  Seriously. Black ice.  Water on black ice. Continue reading “Craptastic”