1986 Ford Mustang SVO

I love this car. It was the coolest thing – they turned my mom’s POS 2.3 into a turbocharged, intercooled, 200 hp real engine instead of an 88 hp tractor motor with a noisy valvetrain. I loved that they approached Mustang GT power without 5.0L of boat anchor weight in front. It simply had to handle better. I was hopeful that the dual plane rear spoiler, lifted (in concept) from the UK Sierra, portended a transition to some European dynamics and performance (basically, what they did with the Boss 302 Laguna Seca). Read More

1986 Ford Mustang GT: Don’t you mess around with me

1986 Ford Mustang GT
You’re the right kind of sinner.

I love this car. Even more than O.G. Fred’s ’87. Why? Because it’s all business:

  • The fake scoop is for air cleaner clearance. It gets enough air through the gaping, no-style nose hole.
  • The fake vents are stupid.  But, they were stupid in 1979. Why spend money to fix something that ain’t broke? Spend it on better shocks, better brakes – all the upgrades over the ’83-84s
  • The Fairmont dash is too ugly to be anything except a functional piece.
  • Speaking of fake – no fake brake cooling. The ’87s looked cool, like it took most of the SVO’s best features and ran with it, but there was a lot of style that lacked substance, like the rear skirt that was more of an air brake than  ground effects.

So no offense, but this is better.
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Acid Flashback: Little Brother

Dodge Omni GLH

This is the 1986 Dodge Omni GLH Turbo.  GLH stood for goes like hell, and by 1980s standards, it did. We have a soft spot for these awful Rabbit imitators. Yes, they were giant pieces of shit, designed and built by the same people who brought you the Aspen.  Yes, side by side, it was Blatz beer to the VW’s Beck’s. Still… Read More