1986 Ford Mustang GT: Don’t you mess around with me

1986 Ford Mustang GT
1986 Ford Mustang GT
You’re the right kind of sinner.

I love this car. Even more than O.G. Fred’s ’87. Why? Because it’s all business:

  • The fake scoop is for air cleaner clearance. It gets enough air through the gaping, no-style nose hole.
  • The fake vents are stupid.  But, they were stupid in 1979. Why spend money to fix something that ain’t broke? Spend it on better shocks, better brakes – all the upgrades over the ’83-84s
  • The Fairmont dash is too ugly to be anything except a functional piece.
  • Speaking of fake – no fake brake cooling. The ’87s looked cool, like it took most of the SVO’s best features and ran with it, but there was a lot of style that lacked substance, like the rear skirt that was more of an air brake than  ground effects.

So no offense, but this is better.
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Spied on the Street: Fight the Power

1986 Mercury Cougar
1986 Mercury Cougar

Not to be a jerk, but weren’t the 1960s over by 1986? Were the Black Panthers still a thing? Have they re-become a thing in the intervening 26 (yikes) years and we just missed the memo?  I only ask because just look at this thing.  It started out looking like this:

1985 Mercury Cougar
(an 83, dark blue with red velour inside and TRX wheels and tires would be better.) Source:  Cool Cats

Then, the spray cans attacked…
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