1984 Ferrari 512BBi

1984 Ferrari 512BBi
Still as sexy as in 1977.  And those horns!

Say hello to the 1984 Ferrari 512BBi.  it’s one of our favorite cars since we knew that life was more than Buicks and Matchbox cars.  We met the owner.  Nice guy.  Reticent, which seems to be the perfect foil for loud red “EVERYONE LOOK AT ME!!!!” Italians. This one just turned 8000 miles.

Not sure the owner was thrilled with the POV shot, but the window was open and all we touched was rarefied air. The only thing we missed was a lights up shot.  (And the bucket list sit in/drive a boxer/Ferrari/V12 things.)
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Headed to the Rodeo

What better way to celebrate Father’s Day than by strolling down Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California. As it happened, Sunday was the Rodeo Drive Concours.

OK, full disclosure – this was not a chance meeting. We took a 4 day holiday from the blast furnace that is summer in Phoenix to hang out in milder climes with the beautiful people.  And we were hoping against hope that the LaFerrari would make an appearance.

No such luck.  We did see Bugatti no. 5.  We also saw our first non-auction 288GTO. As shows go, it was a filtered, condensed version of the monthly Cars and Coffee Hookers and Squirrels “Scottsdale Motorsports Gathering.”  (Not the Penske sponsored crapfestthe real one.) Smaller than the Windgate festival of speed.  Like both, it was strafed by similarly cool machines that didn’t want to linger.

Bugatti Bijan Veyron
Bugatti Bijan Veyron

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It’s no 1983 Corvette

1984 Chevrolet CorvetteSince those (1983s on the street) don’t really exist.  We have a bit of a soft spot for these 1984s.  Yes, the styling takes all the sexiness out of the C3 by replacing massive, gratuitous curves with asexual straight lines.  Yes, this means that they just shoehorned a few derivative cues on a new platform, instead of letting the form follow the function.  And yes, like the straight lines outside and the relentless rectangles of the dash, the dorky, square flip over headlights took the sexy and the menace right out of the 4 round pop up lights used since the early 1960s.  Still…

In 1983, when they came out, I could still bike to the Chevy dealer downtown.  I had seen the new ‘vette in magazines, but did one make it to my small little burg?  Actually, one did.  It was gold, and hidden away ion the service department.  They weren’t quite ready to display it.  Unlike the Porsche/Toyota dealer, or those pricks at Century Buick, the salesman actually talked to me, and invited me to go in back and check it out.  No hovering, no sighs of exasperation.  No elitist static because a 20-year-old on a ten speed was NOT going to be buying this car (especially with thousands in  “additional dealer markup”/”market price adjustment” next to the Maroney).

So there I was, in the middle of their service bay with all access (as long as I didn’t need the key) to a brand new Vette.  Yes, the headlights were stupid, but the 235° deployment was pure genius. The engine and suspension were from another planet, compared to my (then-offline) Fury.

1984 Chevrolet Corvette
1984 Chevrolet Corvette
Erin Grey Buck Rogers
And I even like the color…

The dash was cooler than Buck Rogers and dorky, safe, malaise exterior styling aside, Erin Gray in a jumpsuit could ride shotgun any time.

I could only imagine was it would be like to fire up this baby and test all the buttons and rev the motor.  I also wished they let me have the car keys.

1984 Chevrolet CorvetteSo yeah, 1984 Corvette, you were a mixed bag of mostly meh.  I just can’t hate you.