it’s not that hard to say goodbye.

Adios, INContinental.  I will miss your giant V8, your really shitty gas mileage and the faux mobster presence.  And the flippy lights.

But not the profuse leakage.  You’re worse than one of the dogs that lives in my house.

Enjoy auto Valhalla.  Say hi to the Merc and the Fury.

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What a difference

35 years makes…

1978 Lincoln Continental Town Car
Basic dimensions:
Wheelbase 1974–79: 127.2 in (3,231 mm) +9.3
Length 1977–79: 233.0 in (5,918 mm) +31.2
Width 1978–79: 79.9 in (2,029 mm) +4.0
Height 1978–79: 55.4 in (1,407 mm) -12.6
Curb weight
Actual MPG
4958 +/- at least +487
10 (-11)

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Save the Whales

1978 Chrysler Newport
Yes, the dorky, meek, blank gaze of a setter is not a plus. Give us an Orca.

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Fool me twice…

I love a good 1978 Mercury Cougar XR7. I also know, having learned the hard, demoralizing and expensive way, that survivor cars are best when they belong to someone else, and you can just shoot or drive them on occasion.  Basically ownership, without the expense.
So, I will have to pass on this fabulous opportunity.

1978 Mercury Cougar XR7

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