1977 Mercury Monarch

1977 Mercury Monarch
Is that a Mercedes? Uh, no.

What the hell was wrong with us in the 70s?

  • Ford Falcon chassis (basically) – is this what the Mustang would have become, if it didn’t turn into a Pinto?
  • 250 OHV I-6 from a John Deere
  • It had a 4 speed stick (unless it was a 3)
  • Was unable to handle golf balls from, uh, space, without dimpling its trunk.

Parking Lot Treasures: 1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass

1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme 1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass, A Fart Rocket!

Where I saw one: Thomas Road at 16th St.

Nostalgia factor: 1/10 Overrated at this level, but you can plant a crate motor in one. that has to be worth something. Plus, white bucket seats, man.

Baseline: 0, since it wasn’t mine. +1 for V-8, -1 for not being a 455, +1 for coupe and not a 4 door or wagon, -1 for not a convertible, -1 for my sister owned it, not me, +1 for white seats, -1 for light green paint, +1 for not being orange, +1 for bitchin’ wheels, -1 for spark plugs that wouldn’t come out, -1 for hood that bent at the hinge, -1 for I can’t do math, -1 for not getting this post up on Thursday, +1 for best selling car at the time so there should be one I can pick up, +3 for Car and Driver magazine bullshit factor so as to create the result we want.