1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

What to drive to the Concorso Ferrari 2014?  Isn’t it obvious?  Something American, overweight (duh), festooned with fake scoops,mostly purposeless vents and spoilers, and garish for a strip club decals!  Something with a pushrod V8 and leaf springs! and with the worst of all convertible vs hardtop worlds, a T-top! Something so undeniably awesome in its wretched, unapologetic 1970s-ness!. This:
1977 pontiac trans am
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Escaped from Father Time

Somehow these guys survived 35 years of southwestern Michigan road salt, craters potholes, half drunk assembly and 20 year old (at the time) technology (Cordoba)/tin foil construction (Futura) to tempt me with their survivor car charms.

1977 Chrysler Cordoba
Mismatched tires?  We know that look.

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At the sign of the cat

You will find malaise, sweet, tasty malaise. Wonder bread and miracle whip and bologna. Air Supply. “CHiPs.” Leisure suits and Hagar and Herb Tarlek.

1977 Mercury Cougar
So sporty and exciting!

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