1972 HONDA Z600: Let’s Bounce!

1972 HONDA Z600

Sometimes, size doesn’t matter.* Sometimes, all your smart car technology is no match for a couple of pieces of Reynolds wrap for fenders and some rubber bands for power. Siometimes, you jam it into spots that are just too tight.  No problem.  Just bounce it right back out.

1972 HONDA Z600
Comes with convenient carrying handle.

*Except the size of the bid. $16K for a 42-year-old: cheap for a divorce; kinda pricey for a proto-Civic.
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You can’t hide

Buick Electra 225

your lying eyes J.C. Whitney fog lights

1972 Buick ElectraYes, swapping out the high beans for worthless yellow bulbs really was a thing for while. But so was Shaun Cassidy, bell bottoms and “CHiPs.” 

The one that didn’t crash

in the Nevada desert.  Tanned, rested and ready, Mr. Willard Whyte Blofeld.  Much more so than your incompetent security force, or you, since you’re dead in an English chimney somewhere.

1972 Ford LTD
At least its wheels didn’t go rolling off like a moon buggy

To be fair, this is a ’72; DAF LTDs were ’71s.