ACID FLASHBACK THURSDAY: 1971 Ford Country Squire

1971 ford country squire
Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (Images borrowed from the internet)

The 1971 Ford Country Squire, a car near and dear to my heart. Well, not THAT dear.

Bought mine in October 1995. In December 1995, Arizona stopped selling leaded gas. D-ooh!

Cash advance on Manufacturers Hanover Trust credit card (there is a story to come on that). Took out $1,000, pocketed a cool $20 discount because the scumsucking Ahwatukee seller lied about leather seats. Leather <=> vinyl.

Mostly it sat around with a broken water pump. But, the A/C worked, and it was roomy, and cool in a grandfatherly way.

1971 ford country squire
longer than it looks

It reminds me of exactly how much I wanted to get the fuck out of Arizona in favor of Colorado or anywhere. I sold it because I didn’t have the money to tow it when I moved to Denver. Shoulda saved it for the Bear, but getting back to Colorado was worth the sacrifice.

1971 ford country squire
Happy trails, Family Truckster


1971 VW 411

VW 411
One wheel in the junkyard

The last days of the raccoon, in its traditional spot – as far over as possible, out of the way of working cars.