Porsche 911: Things Are Not Equal

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Another 911. IKR? Wait a tick. What’s this?
Porsche 911The slant nose isn’t special – we’ve seen those.

What we haven’t seen? A one piece slant nose like this. No seams. Also, no bumpers. Is that all?

[Ed.: Wait for it…]

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Merkur XR4Ti: It’s like…

Naming your son after your Scottish clan Elmer Fudd – or in this case creating a dork brand with a clunky name to sell your domesticated European models (because who would ever buy a “Ford Sierra”). Maybe they should have borrowed a gratuitous umlaut from Nikki Sixx. Merkür? Nah, still bad. The car is great, despite the nominal handicap. Otherworldly good looks. Crazy (for the mid-1980s) bits like fog lights in the bumper, no grille,  and the bi-plane spoiler. A turbo after they stopped blowing up but before everybody and their dog had one.
Merkur xr4tiWe’ve seen this exact car before, 5 years ago on the other side of town.  Met the owner. Nice guy; loves the car. No, I couldn’t have a quick test drive.
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1987 Ford Mustang GT: The Best Damn Fairmont Ever

And it is. Mostly. This one DOES have the period correct 1987 Fred paint job and interior. And it’s for sale!

And – hold on, what’s this? $14,500 and “NO A/C”? (Or “other power options“)?  What the- “Rare, low option GT”? Nice try, Mr. Marketer, but even I know that “rare” in the car sales world usually  means UNPOPULAR.

Don’t misunderstand – I love this car-  I drove one just like it (apart from it HAVING A/C and All the power options) for like 5 minutes one day in 1989. But no A/C in AZ on an 80 degree November day means “good luck with that sale. You’ll need it.”

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