1962 Aston Martin DB4: It’s Only Mostly Dead

It doesn’t run. It barely rolls. All the rustable parts have rusted.  Frankly, it looks like Raoul Silva’s goons took their guns to it for a couple of hours. Still, I love it. I LOVE the look of it. I love the backstory. What I really really love is the chance to shoot it in a…

1965 Chevrolet Biscayne: What a Difference…

… A whole lot of time and money make. This is what “my” 1965 Chevrolet Biscayne could have been if not for my sisters, a broken idler arm, terminal rust and a budget funded by $2.52/hr BK Lounge money. According to the owner, this car avoided its date with the glue factory due to perseverance, money, nostalgia,…


That’s me. Maybe that what doomed the Lincoln and the Flex – Lack of Red.

Cadillac Seville

When these cars came out, I thought the bustle-back rear looked like it had been crushed. Most likely by a roving band of circus elephants out to save society from itself, starting with ugly cars. In this case, it’s redundant.

1967 Ford Thunderbird

Finally! A roadside junkyard I could explore, behind the Hackberry General Store on Route 66.