Henry Wept

Ford GT – $200,000 2 days, 9 miles worth of insurance – $1,295 How Not to Fuck Up Your Ubermobile Before You Get to Mile # 10 Course at Bondurant – From $500Spending your time and money trying to impress the Beer babe with your inherent studly driving abilities while driving through Bushwood, instead – […]

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Why GM is Doomed

Doomed, I tell you. Not for the lactose intolerant… 1. Their all new 2006 Buick Lucerne looks like a Jetta But our fenders got portholes (HT: Rich Rodriguez, BTN) I get confused every time I see one. 2. They have a full-page ad in this month’s Car and Driver, plus an aggressive TV ad campaign. The pitch […]

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Your 15 Minutes Are So Over, Mr. Bentley

How many “rare” cars do you have to see before they are common?
Bentley Continental Flying Spur
This is my third Bentley Continental Flying Spur . I have seen more of these in Phoenix in 2 weeks than Yugos or any other crap car in the last 8 years.

I will say it’s the best Jetta ever…
OTOH. these are actual rare cars. I did see one in Ahwatukee while on a wine safari Wednesday. Still looks like a $375,000 Kia. I think Randal from the Apprentice was in town for some tacos or something.

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