Bugatti Veyron: Lucky Numbers

Welcome to the best used car lot on the planet. So many display cars are from dealers and auctioneers, but what do I care? I get to be up close and personal with cars that I would otherwise never get close to. In this case, it means Bugatti Veyrons 7 and 8 in my personal collection of sightings. I don’t know if 7 (or 8) is a lot, only that either is more than 6, which is an entirely different record.

These two are for sale right now – yours for somewhere between $3,950,001 and infinity $2.5 and 4 million. Evidently, they have some sort of pedigree.

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Grail on the Street: 1975 (Ferrari) Dino 308 GT4

As down as I sometimes am on SOME Bertone designs and low volume Italian cars, this one hits the right notes. Put it this way. I see a bit of Lancia Stratos in it, and vice versa. I see a little bit of it in the Urraco, but not really in the other direction. (TBH, I see more Fiat X1/9 in the Urraco than Dino)

1975 Ferrari Dino 308 GT4