Phoenix 5.28.06


Kid Rock: Decepticon
Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder
Baby blue. Richie Rich at the wheel. Why didn’t I take my own picture? Because i was walking. Why won’t I make THAT mistake again soon? Because:

  • I missed the shot
  • My car gets appreciative stares when i drive
  • I get appreciative stares when i walk. Except they seemed to come only from guys. WTF? This is NOT why I go to the gym, fellas – not for you Then, at a traffic light, a passenger in a car turning right tried to say hello (in a very personal way) as the car was moving, but I was just out of range.

This is one weird ass town.

Name that car

This is a professional strength quiz. Get it right and there may be a prize…

Ferrari blur

3rd St and I-10

Because this is potentially tough, here are a few hints:


I do not currently own it.
It is not a Yugo.
It is assembled on earth, of earth made parts.
I have dreamed about it at least once, in conjunction with hot busty babes.
It, unlike me, is not a pig.
(except with gas)