Auction Week 2017: Goliath

It’s been a busier than usual couple of weeks living in car Mecca. This past week was the Holy Grail – Scottsdale Arizona Auction Week. (For those not interested in “alternative facts,” Scottsdale only hosts most of the auctions. RM is in Phoenix. Silver is on the Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation.)

Shooting at 8000 ISO means the lighting needs work. Also, I can barely hear you.

The buildup started with the Barrett-Jackson World’s Biggest Collector Car Media Preview. Craig Jackson himself was there, with some insights and some 2017 bullet points.

Cool story about the L-88 ‘Vette, bro. The live version was more interesting than the B-J preview show version they played during the second half of the preview. I didn’t watch. Instead, I wandered the hall without drowning in a sea of humanity and merchants. If this were the first one, OK. Growing pains. I get it. Hopefully they improve the sound, light and staging for the second. If it wasn’t the first, well maybe let’s try a little harder. Maybe not a dark cave next time.

Barbara in red at the table was very nice and lined up a badge and a parking pass for me. I took a Diet Coke for my trouble, but skipped the mystery food in little white and red boxes.
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1991 GMC Syclone: Come to Where The Flavor Is

1991 gmc syclone

From humble beginnings… come trucks that will blow your doors off.  This is the 1991 GMC Syclone. In particular, this is one of 10 Marlboro Syclones.  And, like an increasing number of cars showing up at the Scottsdale Motorsports Gathering, it’s for sale. So you’ll have to be happy with the dealer and wiki info in the links, because they’re not paying me to hype this thing. As S-10s go though, this is way better than my dad’s. Continue reading “1991 GMC Syclone: Come to Where The Flavor Is”