Merkur XR4Ti: It’s like…

Naming your son after your Scottish clan Elmer Fudd – or in this case creating a dork brand with a clunky name to sell your domesticated European models (because who would ever buy a “Ford Sierra”). Maybe they should have borrowed a gratuitous umlaut from Nikki Sixx. Merkür? Nah, still bad. The car is great, despite the nominal handicap. Otherworldly good looks. Crazy (for the mid-1980s) bits like fog lights in the bumper, no grille,  and the bi-plane spoiler. A turbo after they stopped blowing up but before everybody and their dog had one.
Merkur xr4tiWe’ve seen this exact car before, 5 years ago on the other side of town.  Met the owner. Nice guy; loves the car. No, I couldn’t have a quick test drive.
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1977 Pontiac Grand Prix: Peak(er) GM

On our last episode of “Peat GM.” we visited the 1976 Oldsmobile Cutlass. This is basically the same car (the A-bodies). They were better than the comparable Fords or Chryslers (at least through MY 1976). This was the everything car for your favorite middle manager. Sporty – look at the wheels and chrome rings! And a floor shifter! And a grab handle!
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