1977 Honda Civic CVCC: A Dork’s Dream Car

What to drive lust after when you discover cars in jr. high. Seems like an odd choice, right? Well, part of me wanted a Porsche 930 with its 4.9 second 0-60 time.

The practical eco-hippy in me wanted this car: the 1977 Honda Civic.

Well, not this EXACT car, because of the overindulgent, questionably conceived blackout treatment an stripes. It’s not standard. It’s either an owner add, a repaint, or – god help us, because Honda was supposed to be above this – a hastily conceived “Sport” package. We know dealers did this. Look at the rear valence[? – the panel under the hatch.] Some sort of badge resided there at some point.

Or maybe they just wanted to minimize the ungainly extra lights and reflectors

Anyway, I wanted this car, because its MPG numbers were 54/41. This was under a different EPA regime, but still, impressive. The CVCC allowed it t run on regular gas. I didn’t understand lead toxicity at the time, but I did understand the comparative rarity of platinum. Plus, in the cents and cents world of $2.47/hr BK Lounge wages, it was much less completely unaffordable than the Porsche.

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