1991 Lancia Thema: What’s Your Type?

In the late 1980s, four European car marques launched competing midsize cars all based on the same “Type 4” platform. The Saab 9000 normalized Saab quirkiness. The Alfa Romeo 164 brought Alfa style and “reliability” to the states for about a minute. The Fiat Croma was a misspelled non-word. It also never made it across the Atlantic, thereby making it better than every Fiat 500L ever. The Lancia Thema likewise never made it over, but it had one thing the others lacked. A “Ferrari” V8.

This car tried to fly below the radar at the 2017 Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction, but we found it fresh off the truck. You just never know what craziness lurks under the hood of an otherwise average, Isuzu-looking sedan.


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